About RDL Scientific

RDL Scientific is a resource provider for Research and Development scientists in the Pharmaceutical Industry. We have offered pharmaceutical jobs, recruitment and supply of contract, and permanent staff since inception in late 1996, when we were formed as part of the Rapid Deployment Group.

We have worked and continue to work with most of the blue chip pharmaceutical companies and many of the smaller ones, including those in the biotechnology field.

study phases (I-IV) Medical Directors Clinical Pharmacologists Research Directors Clinical Pharmacokineticists Clinical Physicians Medical Advisors Medical Writers Clinical Research Managers Project Managers Study Leaders Senior and Junior CRAs/CR Scientists Study Site Co-ordinators Clinical Research Nurses Nurses Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance personnel Administrators QA personnel and Auditors Biostatisticians Data Managers Data Co-ordinators and Data Entry Staff Regulatory Affairs Executives and Managers Medical Advisors Medical Writers CEO's Chemists Analytical and Bioanalytical Training personnel

RDL Scientific supplies contract and permanent scientific staff in many areas from Medical Directors to Laboratory Assistants; all staff in phases I-IV Clinical Studies, including Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Statisticians, Data Managers, Drug Safety Scientists; Regulatory Affairs personnel, Pharmacists and Chemists.

We deal with pharmaceutical recruitment in most areas of Pharmaceutical Research and Development and some beyond. Many years' experience of candidate profiling and selection in pharmaceutical organisations means that we have an in-depth understanding of the industry and its staffing needs. We react immediately to requests for staff, reducing project downtime to a minimum and have an up-to-date knowledge of benefit packages.

Our recruitment Policy for Contract and Permanent Staff

Recruitment is key....

What benefits do we offer?

This normally consists of an in-house database search in addition to advertising, if required. We endeavour to match the staff profile to the agreed objectives and short-list 2-3 individuals (or other appropriate number) for each position who will fit in with the client's corporate style.

Remuneration packages are normally equivalent to those offered by a client and company benefits such as pension and private health schemes are included where appropriate. Our human resources procedures meet the best industry standards.

The Process